Liya & Tim

1. “It was the best vacation we have ever been on. We will definitely be back to Ethiopia through your company”. Martin and Aga- Poland

2. “We had a wonderful time. Our guide was excellent. He was highly knowledgeable, kind, intelligent, patient, organized and very timely. The trip was superbly planned. We shall return again!” We are in love with Ethiopia. Thank you so much!”- Dr. Kruger, Germany

3. “The accommodation, food, vehicles, local flight and guide were wonderful. This was a life time experience.” Anna and James Barr- England

4. “This was an exceptionally wonderful trip. We thank you very much for your superb service. We will recommend you to all our friends”. Richard and Anna- Australia

5. “Our vacation was fabulously arranged and we had a wonderful time both in North and South. We shall certainly return back to Ethiopia”. Chris & Ghil- England.

6. “Overall this has to be one of the great trips I have ever taken. I really appreciated all of the work you did in making me feel welcome. Everyone was very helpful and informative”. Eunice Lampkin, USA

7. “You have opened our eyes to the beauty of Africa. We could not have imagined a better Historical tour and we will keep the trip forever in our hearts. Thank you.” Gambetta Teodora, Spain

8. “The safari experience was awesome. Everything went perfectly as planned to our great satisfaction. Thank you so much!” Pieng and Drs Eveline Kok, Netherlands

9. “Everything was perfect. We will plan all of our future visits with your company. Thank you!” Dr. Peter Ramminger, Austria

10. “I met my expectation and more. Even before I arrived I had communicated with your company via E-mail over a dozen times. You made me feel very very comfortable about the trip. My guide was wonderful. He continually gave me information and always there for me and my drive was fabulous. Both treated me like “a King”. Deiturbide Juana, Spain

11. “Thank you for all the care and attention you gave to us all. We appreciated your kindness, Sense of humour, depth of Knowledge of Ethiopia and your professionalism. Guide and drivers were excellent in all aspect. They were very friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and totally professional. We would recommend your company to anybody.” (Bruce, Jenni, Liam and Robbie), New Zealand

12. “In actual fact the whole trip was wonderful and more than met our expectation.” Heinz and Margareta Gehrig, Sweden

13. “Our guide has been friendly, patient and informative- Very aware of the needs of the group.”- Errol and Gill, South Africa-

14. “Everything was completely to our satisfaction. Welcome and farewell dinner were fabulous. The guide and drivers were fantastic. Our main guide is extremely knowledgeable, articulate, smart and kind.” Tamar and Danni Chafet- USA

15. “The trip fully met our expectations. The logistics of your company functioned excellently. Our main guide should have an A++. Always friendly, very service minded, helpful and concerning extras and he has a fantastic memory and is highly knowledge about Ethiopian culture, nature, the Orthodox Church, Ethiopian History. He got a lot of applause from the whole group!” Lisbet and Arne Kiel Nielsen- Demark

16. “We wanted to thank you for being our guide for the last ten days. We appreciated your hard work and the good care you took of us.” Ellen and Harold. USA

17. “This was an exceptional wonderful trip; we thank Passion Ethiopia Tours very much for your superb service!” Dr. Chris James, South Africa

18. “…your unique approach of conversation with tribal people, your knowledge and ability to share Ethiopian Orthodox religion and the history of centuries brought to life the diverse and long lived heritage of this amazing country. Thank you for your intelligence, humor and good and gentle spirit and the efficiency of travel you create….” Liya & Tim, USA

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