I. Bishangari ecological site- Dodola- Adaba- Mount Chilalo & Bale Mountains 

Code: PET 901- South East Ethiopia- Bale and Chilalo Mountains- Horse Riding
Duration: 17 days/ 16 nights
Transport: Air, Surface 

Highlight: Wildlife densities are not high on any of these trips, but what you do see will be surprising and unusual. Ethiopian Wolf- endemic, Rock Hyrax- endemic and Klipspringer are usually seen in reasonable numbers, and Mountain Nyala- endemic usually once each trip at these high altitudes. Birds are frequent; especially water birds on the alpine lakes are streams. The Scenery is always there, together with peace and solitude, a gentle pace, a sturdy, surefooted mount, and the time to stop, think, look- or simply “switch-off” for a while! Cool, pure mountain air, simple camp life- and an experience of a life time. 



Day 1: Addis Ababa. O/n Hotel 

Day 2: (Driving- 4-5 hr & Horse riding- 2 hr) Addis Ababa- Bishangari. O/n Eco- Lodge (1500 m) 

Day 3: (Driving-4-5 hr) Bishangari- Dodola. O/n Local hotel or camping (2400 m) 

Day 4: (Horse riding-4-5 hr) Dodola- Changiti. O/n Camping (2800 m) 

Day 5: (Horse riding- 3-4 hr) Changiti- Weharo. O/n Camping (3300 m) 

Day 6: (Horse riding- 4-5 hr) Weharo- Angafo. O/n Camping (3460 m) 

Day 7: (Horse riding-4-5 hr) Angafo- Adele. O/n Camping (3300 m) 

Day 8: (Horse riding- 5-6 hr) Adele- Mololicho. O/n Camping (3080 m) 

Day 9: (Horse riding-6-7 hr) Mololicho- Duro. O/n Camping (3350 m) 

Day 10: (Horse riding- 4-5 hr) Duro- Adaba. O/n Camping (2600 m) 

Day 11: (Driving- 3-4 hr) Adaba – Gaysay Valley- Dinsho (HQ of Bale Mountains National Park). O/n Camping (2800 m) 

Day 12: (Horse riding- 6-7 hr) Dinsho- Moraro. O/n Camping (4010 m) 

Day 13: (Horse riding- 6-7 hr) Moraro- Shiya Valley . O/n Camping (4050 m) 

Day 14: (Horse riding- 5-6 hr) Shiya Valley- Tegona Valley. O/n Camping (4203 m) 

Day 15: (Horse riding- 3-4 hr & Driving- 2 hr) Tegona Valley- Goba. O/n Hotel (2800 m) 

Day 16: (Driving- 6-7 hr) Goba- Asella. O/n Hotel (3000 m) 

Day 17: (Horse riding- 6-7 hr) Asella- Chilalo Mountains . O/n Camping (3900 m) 

Day 18: (Horse riding- 6-7 hr) Chilalo Mountains- Asella. O/n Hotel (2900 m) 

Day 17: (Driving- 4-5 hr) Asella- Sodere- Addis- Departure.



Code: PET 902- North Ethiopia- Simien Mountains-Horse Riding
Duration: 13 days/ 12 nights
Transport: Air, Surface


 Day 1: Arrive Addis Ababa. O/n Hilton Hotel 

Day 2: (Flight) Addis- Gondar. Visit the royal castle & Churches. O/n Goha Hotel 

Day 3: (Driving- 5-6hr) Gondar- Debark- Sankaber. Visit spectacular Mountain scenery, Gelada Baboon (endemic mammal), birds and various species of plants. O/n Camping (3200 m) 

Day 4: (Horse riding 4-5hr) Sankaber- Geech. Visit beautiful landscape, Walia Ibex (endemic mammal), birds & Amhara Village. O/n Camping (3600 m) 

Day 5: (Horse riding- 5-6hr) Geech- Imitgogo (3950 m) - Geech. Visit spectacular mountain scenery. O/n Camping 

Day 6: (Horse riding- 5-6 hr) Geech- Inatiye (4090 m) - Chenek. Visit Mountain scenery and endemic plants. O/n Camping (3600 m) 

Day 7: (Horse riding- 6-7 hr) Chenek- Buahit (4430 m) - Ambiqua. O/n Camping (3200 m) 

Day 8: (Horse riding- 8-9 hr) Ambiqua- Ras Dashen (4543 m), the highest peak in Ethiopia and the fourth in Africa- Ambiqua. O/n Camping (3200 m) 

Day 9: (Horse riding-4-5 hr) Ambiqua- Arkwazeye- Sona. O/n Camping (2800 m) 

Day 10: (Horse riding- 2-3 hr) Sona- Mekarebia. O/n Camping (2000 m) 

Day 11: (Horse riding) Mekarebia- Ansi River- Hawz- Mulit. O/n Camping (1800 m) 

Day 12: (Horse riding + driving) Mulit- Adiarkay- Gondar. (2100 m).O/n Hotel 

Day 13: (Flight) Gondar- Addis- departure. 

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