Code: PET 3400- Ethiopian Great Rift Valley
Focus: Lakes, Scenery, Wildlife (birds and mammals), Hot Springs, and Villages
Duration: 8 days/ 7 nights
Transport: Surface 

Highlight: The Ethiopian Rift valley is part of the Afro-Arabian Rift system, bounded by the Arabian plate to the north, African plate to the west, and East African plate to the east. It is a system of down faulted through starting from the Jordan-Dead sea Rift, the Red sea, and the Gulf of Aden, and continues southwards through East African Rift up to Mozambique. The Rift valley is a geological relic of the critical weakening in the year ago the world’s largest geological divide. 

The Ethiopian Rift valley offers eight spectacular chains of lakes. It is known as “Ornithologists paradise’’. It is home of varied bird population, including both Savannah and water birds. Some of the lake such as Abijata, Shalla and Awassa are extremely important site on for resident and Migrant birds. 

This part of the country is also home to many diverse peoples and cultures: the Alaba, Hadiya, Wolayta, and Gamo are the one and the Dorze, famed for their weaving of cotton cloth; the Konso, who for centuries have practiced terracing and intensive agriculture in their steep land. 

In addition to its chain of lakes, the Ethiopian section of the Rift also boasts a ‘chain’ of fascination national parks: Abijata- Shalla, Awash and Nechisar National Parks again, each unique in its own way. 


Day 1: Arrive at Bale International Airport (Addis Ababa) where you will be met by Passion Ethiopia Tours representative and transfer to hotel. O/N - Hotel

Day 2: Drive to Lake Langano, visiting Awash River, Melkakunture archeological site, Lake Ziway and enioy at Lake Langano beach resort.  O/n hotel 

Day 3: Drive to Arbaminch, visiting Abijata Shalla Lakes National Park, Senkele Swayn’s heartbeest Sanctuary and Alaba tribal village. O/n hotel 

Day 4: In Arbaminch- Boat excursion to Nechisar National Park to see wild animals and Lake Chamo to see Africa’s biggest Nile Crocodiles, Hippos and birds. O/n hotel 

Day 5: In Arbaminch- excursion to Konso to UNESCO site of their beautiful stone terraced field and their beautiful village. O/n hotel 

Day 6: Drive to Awassa. Mornings drives uphill to Chencha and visits the Dorze tribal village and continue to Awassa and late afternoon boat ride and enjoy the sunset.  O/n hotel 

Day 7: Drive to Awash National Park. Late afternoon game drives to see mammals and birds. O/n hotel 

Day 8: Early morning more game drive to see mammals, birds and Awash River Falls. Continue drive back to Addis, Evening farewell dinner and departure 


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