Code: PET 102- Sightseeing in Addis Ababa

Duration: one full day

Transport: Surface


The sightseeing tour includes: 

St. George's Cathedral: Lies at the north end of Churchill Rd. Built in 1896 in the traditional octagonal shape to commemorate Ethiopia's victory over the Italians at the Battle of Adwa, the Cathedral houses the work of Afewerk Tekle, the renowned Ethiopian artist responsible for the stained glass windows of the Africa Hall. 

The Mercato: It is the largest outdoor market in Africa. Here you will be presented with a confusing, but fascinating; glimpse of the vast range of goods and artifacts available from all parts of the country an enjoy the Ethiopian trade exchange tradition in the open air. 

The National Museum of Ethiopia: It is famous for its collections of numerous priceless antiques archeological findings showing the history of Ethiopia from prehistoric times to the modern day. Of the exhibits is the famous ‘Lucy’ a 3.18 millions years and ‘Selam’ a 3.3 million years old hominids skeleton. 

Holy Trinity Cathedral: It is unique church which was built in 1941 in commemoration of Ethiopia’s liberation from short period of Italian occupation. 

Emperor Menelik II Mausoleum (Be’ata Mariam Church): The house, built in 1911 by Empress Zawditu is located in the compound of Emperor Menelik’s Palace. It houses the bodies of Menelik II, Empress Taitu, Empress Zawditu, the Archbishop who crowned Menelik, Abuna Mateo, and princess Tsehai, daughter of Emperor Haile Silassie I. 

Institute of Ethiopian Studies Museum (Ethnological Museum): Being found in the old palace of Emperor Haile Silassie I, Genete Leul (in the main campus of the Addis Ababa University), IES Museum houses various items of more than eighty ethnic groups which helps visitors to have an over all view of diversified Ethiopia. 

Be’ata Mariam Church (Menelik Mausoleum): a building surmounted by a large gilt crown, built in 1911 by the emperor’s daughter, Empress Zawditu. The square building is made of gray stone with a central dome and four small cupolas, one on each corner. It houses the remains of the famous old monarch; his spouse, Empress Taytu; his daughter, Empress Zawditu; the Archbishop who crowned Menelik, Abuna Mateos; and princess Tsehai, daughter of former Emperor Haile Selassie I.

Poetry: Is one of the cottage industries and it is a means of producing house hold utensils from clay mud where it is available. Poetry is normally done by women like other African nations. Here, you can see the whole process of making a poetry, which means, making, drying, and firing to make it strong and durable.

Weaving: This is the means of making cultural clothes with different designs by traditional way. Here, you can see while the weavers are weaving and selling the products in the nearby to their weaving place. The main products are the traditional shema clothes like Gabi, netela, and so on from cotton, which are completely in different style with other industrially made nylon clothes. The national cloth is also made in the same way.     

Even if weaving is the activity that can be done in every part of the country, there are people who are specialized for this activity and making cultural clothes with a quality in many different forms. These are Dorze people, one of the Southern nations and nationalities who are known also by beehive shaped houses that when practically seen looks like more an elephant head. In Addis Ababa they are leading in supplying the cultural clothes

Mount Entoto : The panorama from Entoto peak, 3200 meter either by day or by night is breath taking spectacle. The church of St. Mary built by Emperor Menelik II (founder of Addis Ababa0 in 1882 is situated at the top of Entoto. 

The Entoto Museum, exhibiting articles of historical significance is well worth a visit. The drum that announced the march to the battle of Adwa against the Italian invasion, Menelik’s bed, ceremonial dresses and crowns of the King and the Queen, gifts from abroad are some of the displays in the museum. Visits to Menelik’s old palace, just next to the museum add to an experience the visitor will always cherish.

Code: PET 102-1: Trekking/Walking tour in Addis Ababa

Duration: one full day

Transport: Surface 


Early morning start walking from the Heart of Addis Ababa at Meskel squure (2300 m) to Mount Entoto (3200 meters), visiting Historical Houses, Monuments, Market places and head to Mount Entoto for panoramic view of the city and visit  the old palace of Emperor Menelik II  at the Compound of Entoto Mariam Church.

This tour can maximize for two or three days including a horse riding at Sululta plain 

  • PET 102-2: Rift Valley Lakes
  • Duration: one full day 
  • Transport: Surface 


The remarkable region of volcanic lakes of the wide and fertile rift valley running from Addis Ababa to Kenyan border has famous collections of bird life, great escarpments and standing sceneries. The Nortehrn chains of Rift Valley Lake: Lakes Langano, Ziway, Abijata and Shalla are perhaps the most popular. Langano, a bilarzia- free lake has accommodation facility and famous weekend resort center. 

  • PET 102-3: Debre Libanos Monastery & Blue Nile Gorge
  • Duration: one full day
  • Transport: surface 


Driving to the 13th century monastery of Debre Libanos built by the Ethiopian saint called Abune Tekle Haimanot. Further down, and enjoy the famous Blue Nile Gorge for which people suggest that it is even greater than the “Grand Cannon” of USA. Picnic lunch in the gorge nearby the bridge where you listen to the songs of varies species of birds. 

  • PET 102-4: Menagesha Suba Forest
  • Duration: one full day 
  • Transport: Surface 


 Drive to the western outskirt of Addis Ababa to Menagesha forest. It is the mountainous area having the shape of an upside down pudding basin and is covered more or less entirely in thick heath and on the other side it is fully covered with indigenous trees which becomes a habitat for endemic species of birds and animals. 

  • PET 102-5: Melka Kunture Archeological site, Adadi Mariam rock church- Tiya Stele 
  • Code Duration: one full day 
  • Transport: Surface 


Drive to Melka Kunture archaeological site, then to Adadi Mariam rock-hewn church; proceed to Tiya to visit the 12th century unique steles. 

  • PET 102-6: Awash National Park
  • Code Duration: one full day 
  • Transport: Surface 


 After breakfast, drive to Awash National Park and enjoy a game drive in park to visit the Awash River Falls, mammals and birds: It has over 350 species of bird that have been recorded in this savannah grassland.

  • PET 102-7: Debre birhan and Ankober
  • Code Duration: one full day 
  • Transport: Surface 


After breakfast drive 130 kms northeast of Addis lies one of the oldest towns in the country, DebreBerhan. After visiting DebreBerhan Selassie Church where many interesting historical relics are kept, drive to the nearby town Ankober, birthplace of Emperor Menelik II. And visit the Oldest palace of Emperor Menelik II and the nearest ico rich church of Medhane Alem . Ankober is situated on the edge of the escarpment and offers an extraordinary view of the region.


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